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Popular Libertarian Organizations of the Modern Era


Once you have considered the idea of becoming a libertarian, you have to wonder which category you could fall into. There are several different ideologies underneath the libertarian umbrella and not all of them will work well together. The biggest clashes will happen between right and left libertarianism, since they do not value property the same way, making it impossible to consider both when thinking about libertarianism. Here is a little breakdown of the different libertarian organizations that are out there. The main thing between them is that the all believe in a free market economy as well as supporting civil liberties for all, seeing discrimination as unproductive and useless.

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Free State Project: The Free State Project is a political migration that was created in 2001. It was created to encourage libertarians to move to a single low-population state in order to build a society and a libertarian stronghold. The state they selected in 2003 was New Hampshire. The goal was to have 20,000 libertarians sign up to move and they have met their quota, with just under 2,000 already having moved there.

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Students for Liberty: Students for Liberty, or SFL as they are often referred to, is a libertarian non-profit organization that was created in 2008. The mission statement of the group is “to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations dedicated to liberty.” The group has grown substantially and has several programs underneath its umbrella. The organization was started in the United States, but has since moved internationally with international conferences held annually.

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Young Americans for Liberty: Young Americans for Liberty was created in 2008 at the end of presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency. The goal is to educate young people about libertarian values as well as emphasizing the importance and the purpose of the United States Constitution.

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International Libertarian Solidarity: This libertarian organization is openly an anarchy organization, with more than 20 organizations operating underneath it across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Its logo is even the anarchy symbol, so there is literally no question to what the organization is up to. The organization was rejected by the International Workers Association who thought that they were dividing anarchists and were too reformist. It is unknown whether this organization is still operational or not, but it may have melded into the project.


International Workers’ Association: This organization is based on the concept of revolutionary unionism with the objective of creating unions that are capable of fighting for both economic and political interests. The organization has drifted so far away from the Libertarian ideals that it is now aiming to get rid of capitalism altogether, instead of promoting a more open and free market capitalist system. The organization is worldwide and has had a hand in several social conflicts over the decades.

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Libertarian Party: The Libertarian Party is a political party in the United States. The basis of the part is the promotion of civil liberties, laissez-faire economics, the elimination of the welfare state, and non-interventionism. The party itself was created in 1971 following a series of meetings held in the home of David D. Nolan in Westminster, Colorado. They started the party in response to the drafting controversy of the Vietnam War as well as the end of the gold standard. They currently push to allow people to opt out of Social Security, lowering taxes, eliminating the welfare system, allowing illegal drugs to be sold and taken, and also pursuing the right to own firearms. There are about a half million registered Libertarians in the United States.

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