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Iconic Schools that Allowed the Pursuit of Liberty


In the United States, we sadly have a long running history of discrimination and discriminatory practices. The biggest issues regarding discrimination is it is taking away someone else’s right to liberty. You cannot have a free society when you are restricting a specific group of people’s right to have liberty as well. But despite our drawbacks, there have been a few iconic schools that have pursued the right to liberty. This is my list of some of them. I have left off the list quite of a few, especially if I could not find a date to confirm when a school was founded.


  1. University of Vermont (UVM): The University was established in 1791 and is well-known as being the first American institution with a charter than did not discriminate against its students on the basis of religion. It was also the first university to admit a female student as well as African American students. This is a major point in libertarianism.


  1. Franklin & Marshall College (F&M): This University was founded in 1787, right at the founding of our great country. The university was known as being the first co-ed school, allowing both male and female students and is noted to be the first college to admit a Jewish female student.

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  1. University of Georgia (UGA): The University of Georgia is known to be the first public university in the country. I know you are probably thinking that this goes against the libertarian ideals, but think of it this way: universities used to be incredibly difficult to get into, with people with the connection and means of funding being the only ones who could sign up. Public universities meant that everyone had the opportunity to go to school as long as it was the student’s choice to do so. UGA was founded in 1785.

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  1. Salem College: This is a private women’s college located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The college was founded in 1772 as a primary school for girls, but has gone through massive changes through the centuries. It is reported to be one of the very first schools to accept non-white students.


  1. Columbia University: A private university in Manhattan, New York, Columbia University was established in 1754. The school is known for its exceptional education standards and holds an Ivy League status in the United States, making it the cream of the corp. Columbia is a proponent of the free market as among its long list of accomplishments, over 100 Nobel Prize laureates have been affiliated with the school. It was also the first American school to award M.D.’s to doctors.


  1. Washington and Lee University: Washington and Lee University is a private university situated in Lexington, Virginia. The school was founded in 1749, making it one of the oldest in the country. The school is named for George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Washington had contributed stock to the university and Lee was the school’s first president.


  1. Princeton University: Another Ivy League school, Princeton University was founded in 1746 as the College of New Jersey. The school has produced so many successful alumni throughout its time, including twelve U.S. Supreme Court Justices and two presidents. IT was also the location of on-campus meeting for Albert Einstein and Jawharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India as well as the father of Indira Gandhi.
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  1. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn): Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvani was established in 1740. It is known to be the first school to have a medical program in the United States as well as the first school to use the word “university” in its name. It has an impressive alumni, including President William Henry Harrison, and several Supreme Court Justices.
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