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When was the Libertarian Party founded?

In the United States, the Libertarian Party was founded officially on December 11, 1971 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Who founded the Libertarian Party?

There was a group that was formed in 1971 that held meetings at the home of David F. Nolan. The meetings were held to see if that group of concerned citizens could do anything to stop the conscription for the Vietnam War. It was a complete government embarrassment by that point and many citizens had found the draft to be unfair. An open-minded group decided to come up with solutions for their problem, including the formation of the Libertarian Party.

Who was David Nolan?

David Nolan was an MIT graduate with a focus on political science. Because of all of the trouble that Richard Nixon was causing during his presidency, Nolan felt that he had an obligation to do something about it. He became very politically active, advocating for what he thought would be a better solution for the United States.

Have any major political offices been held by a libertarian?

There have been no openly libertarian presidents as of yet. Ron Paul, running on the Republican ticket in 2008, was the closest a libertarian has gotten to the presidency. Currently in the United States there are about 144 libertarians holding various political offices around the country.

Is Ron Paul a libertarian?

Yes Ron Paul is a libertarian. He may not state it that way, but the truth is there. He is a strong believer in civil rights and encourages the government to back down from a lot of its unnecessary policies. It was because of Paul’s bid for presidency in 2008 that there have been so many student groups popping up that are promoting libertarianism and the pursuit of equality.

What are the core values of a libertarian?

The basic core values behind libertarianism is that every citizen is entitled to basic civil rights. No one should be discriminated against based on skin, religion, or sex. They also believe that the government should be less involved in the state of things that it currently is. The libertarians would like the nanny state and welfare state to be dissolved and instead create a system where people are responsible for themselves and not reliant on the government to put money in their pockets. They also encourage a free market economy allowing businesses to trade and conduct business without government interference. Another core value is the right to property. A land owner should be allowed to operate his or her land without interference by the government.

Can libertarianism work in the United States?

I think to some extent, it can be employed on certain levels. It would not work out to completely toss out the government we have now and start from scratch, however. It would have to be employed gradually, especially if they succeeded in removing welfare as an option for citizens. Some light changes, however, may work out well for our government without sacrificing the greater good.