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Big Flaws of the Libertarian Party


I would be lying if I said that there was not any good about the Libertarian Party. There is a substantial amount of good that the libertarian ideals hold and the purpose of it is in the right place. That said, like all political ideals, the party is deeply flawed. I will cover the positive things about the party in another post, but here I would like to go over what is not working about the libertarian concepts and ideals, specifically pertaining to the United States.

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  1. The School System: The idea that a school system could be self-run without a governing body would not work in our society. While that is exactly how private schools operate, the purpose of having public schools was to allow everyone to have an education. Forcing parents to pay and letting the students have complete control of their primary education will result in many children simply not going to school and instead forcing them into the workforce at a young age.
  2. The Property Issues: The concept of property ownership under the libertarian system is a contradiction by itself. The idea is that the government cannot have a hand in property, allowing the land owner free reign. But the concern here is natural resources. While the libertarians are saying that the purpose is to ensure everyone is free, potentially taking away other citizens’ right to having fresh water or other resources is impeding on someone else’s liberty.
  3. Coercion: Along with the normal property issues, there is the concern that the libertarian system could pit land owners against one another. Since property owners would no longer have restrictions, the potential for what someone could do with a property is endless, causing a great amount of trouble and headache that is simply unnecessary. And not having zoning between properties could run the risk of wealthy business owners turning lands into whatever operation they choose, altering how the division of residences and companies relate to one another, leaving an imbalance.
  4. Laissez-faire Economics: The concept of laissez-faire capitalism is that the government cannot have a hand in how capitalist enterprises operate. The problem here is that the result will inevitably be that there is monopoly organizations, where a few people will control the vast majority of the marketplace. In a capitalist system where there is no competition, product development and improvement will stagnate.


  1. Environmental Concerns: Since the libertarian concept is to have a night watchman state, there are several concerns about what that would mean for the environment. Without any mandates, companies and individuals could easily be readily harming the planet without any recourse. There would be no one monitoring carbon emissions as well as natural resource depletion, meaning the world could be destroyed very easily.
  2. Government Decentralization: Moving the government to a system that is hands-off could easily exacerbate the issues that we are currently struggling with. Officials would have an easy time turning their eyes to something wrong if it was not to their benefit. There would be no one to keep them in check or balance, creating a world of different and worse problems.
  3. Too Much Faith in Humanity: I think that the biggest flaw in the libertarian model is that it assumes that there are smart and good people out there who are capable of taking care of themselves and others. While the government does have a high tendency to over babysit, there is also the group of people who will do nothing without help. Parents would not send their kids to school, people will not pay attention to the environment, and worse. When we only focus on the individual, the community on the whole will suffer.

I would like to explain one thing before I explain myself further. I want to be honest with you. I think you would like to be honest with me.

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