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About me

I would like to explain one thing before I explain myself further. I want to be honest with you. I think you would like to be honest with me. The purpose of lying on the internet is a concept lost to me since it is the easiest place to be your truest self without recourse. Though I have written this about libertarianism, I will explain that I am, in fact, not a libertarian. I have nothing against the party, but I am not a member of the party. I just find the information and beliefs of the system to be interesting and notable. And it is important that we learn things about people who are different than us in order to garner a better understanding of ourselves.

I do believe in the pursuit of liberty and that individuals should have the right to live freely and express themselves freely. I am happy that our government allows multiple political parties. I am not happy, however, about the fact that our government is really a two-party system with a front that allows for other parties to exist but not be taken seriously. If we are considering what the founding fathers were going on about, I can guarantee, a two-party system was not their idea of having a free government.

When I am not debating the failures of politics and our government, I am happily a stay-at-home mom to my two very small and feisty children. Liliana, age three, demonstrates her right to freedom of expression on a regular basis. I appreciate that in this country she is allowed to say such random things without feeling like she is going to be in some kind of trouble. It is part of what makes our country great. My two-year-old, Oren, also uses his right to freedom of expression, stating the word “no” consistently on a regular basis. Something that the libertarians would not approve of, however, is Oren’s ability to throw a wooden trail at his older sister, since his action is infringing on her personal rights.

For my hobbies, I like to attend my city hall meetings and cause a ruckus when I question authority. Sometimes I do it for the sake of causing a ruckus and sometimes I do it because it is something I actually believe in. I do admit that I love playing the devil’s advocate as well. You may be surprised how upset people get if they think that you do not agree with them on a fundamental level. And here again, this is what makes the United States so great. We have the ability to cause a scene when we are expressing our discontent, as long as it is not infringing on the rights of others.

Pretty much, we all just need to leave each other alone and attempt to make peace instead of war. The result would be a more harmonious society, though I am not on board with going full throttle toward libertarianism. But check it out, you may like it.